Mike Welsh

On behalf of the Cherokee County Sports Hall of Fame Board of Directors I want to personally thank you for visiting our online home!

Like so many of you, sports, education, and community involvement have been integral components in my family history. My childhood was filled with fond memories of following my father, a high school coach, around our county watching games, competing in rivalries, and building relationships with teammates and opponents. While I still cherish the big wins and feel the sting of tough losses, it is the remembrance of popcorn popping, pep rallies, life lessons learned, and the unique character of each school campus that provides a common bond with all Cherokee County sports fans. The bond created by these common athletic experiences makes serving on the CCSHOF Board of Directors an even more special honor.

In 2005 the CCSHOF was established as a non-profit organization to seek out and recognize individuals or entities that have demonstrated a commitment to athletics or provided strong support of athletics in Cherokee County Alabama. We take pride in the fact that we have continued to garner strong support since that time while working with citizens from all corners of this great county.

Through the efforts and assistance of our schools, boosters clubs, and supporters of athletics across the county, we have been able to identify and recognize some of the legendary athletes that have set the standards our young people today aspire to achieve.

We’ve also been blessed to have significant assistance from many local organizations. Several in particular have helped advanced the interest of the CCSHOF and deserve special note including the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce, Cherokee County Herald, the Cherokee County Historical Museum, The Post, and WEIS Radio.

We encourage you to visit the site often. Our “NEWS & EVENTS” link will keep you informed of our activities.

As always, your comments and suggestions are welcomed as we celebrate sports in Cherokee County!


Mike Welsh, President